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  • What can I dump?
    Oak Grove Disposal takes your residential trash once a week. This includes your household trash and bundled branches in lengths of 3 - 4 ft. We do haul larger items such as microwaves, couches, appliances, etc. for an extra charge. Call our office for more information and prices. We do NOT take dirt, concrete, oil, paint, chemicals or any liquids. Feel free to call us if you ever have questions about our trash removal services at 970-765-4490. PET WASTE & CAT LITTER NEEDS TO BE BAGGED WE DO NOT TAKE HUMAN WASTE EVER
  • What time does my trash have to be out for pick-up?
    Please have trash out by 7:00am to ensure pick up unless instructed otherwise from office.
  • What happens if I forgot to put my trash out for pick-up?
    Unfortunately, if the driver has already left the service area it will be picked up the following week. If you are desperate to have it picked up, there will be a call back charge of $20.00.
  • What happens if my trash didn't get picked up?
    Please call office within a day. We will check not out sheet and with driver to see what has caused delay. If error or road construction has caused delay, we will get garbage removal pick up scheduled ASAP.
  • If I put extra trash next to my toter, will you pick it up?"
    Yes, all trash will be picked up. There may be an extra charge if over limit.
  • Do I have to bag my trash?
    We ask that you have all loose trash, pet waste & bathroom trash bagged. We under stand that you have a can but once the lid is lifted and the wind catches it, loose trash is blown all over.
  • How do I schedule a one-time, large item pick-up?"
    Call our office at 970-765-4490 to set up large pick-ups. More than likely it will be on the same day as your normal pick up.
  • Can I cancel a scheduled pick-up?
    Yes, Please call office at 970-765-4490 or email us at
  • Will you drive onto my property to pick-up my trash?
    We drive onto your property if you have a commercial can. All toters and regular trash cans should be placed roadside. Please call office for questions or options.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, give us a call at (970) 765-4490. We strive to provide the best trash removal services to Montrose County.

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